Saturday STEM 

Saturday STEM classes are designed to introduce young students to the exciting world of creative coding. Classes are small and project-based to give students personal attention while allowing them the freedom of guided discovery. With only 4-6 students we foster collaborative learning and teamwork. Students may code classic arcade games, create digital animations, build mobile apps and tinker with electronic devices that interact with the outside world. We aim to get students excited about the vast possibilities of digital  computer as a producer of technology. Projects are rooted in foundational skills that encourage and support future exploration in the world of ideas.  

Scratch is an visual programming language that allows those new to programming to build simple to complex video games, digital animations and interactive stories. Scratch teaches the fundamentals of programming in an easy to learn and accessible visual coding language.

App Inventor is a visual programming language that allows everyone – even children - to build fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets. App Inventor was developed to help young people move beyond consumers of mobile technology to become creators of mobile apps. 

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform used to create interactive projects that perform in the physical world.  It understands the environment by receiving inputs from sensors and responds by controlling lights, motors and other devices.  An Arduino is told what to do by code written in the Arduino programming language.

Raspberry Pi is a mini computer that can fit in the palm of one's hand yet powerful enough to do all the things of a desktop computer. It also has the ability to interact with the outside world and can be used to create numerous digital projects from weather stations to infra-red cameras to motion detectors and countless other creations.

“After a few Scratch classes I can build some very fun games!

-3rd grade student